Innovation for nature

Reefy works towards new kind of solutions that work together with nature instead of against.

Ecosystem restoration

For ecosystem restoration

At Reefy, we work on sustainable solutions that address not only the effects of climate change, but also the causes. By working together with nature, we can still achieve big results with simple solutions.

Research based solutions

To assure you and ourselves of a good end result, all our products are supported by research. We use predictive computer models, carry out tests with different materials and installations and use knowledge gained from previous projects to optimise our products.

Responsible materials

At Reefy, we are keen to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. This is why we use local, natural materials for our products and have our products manufactured locally. We offer various bio-based and/or biodegradable materials, depending on the application.

Large scale impact

With Reefy, we believe it is important to make the biggest positive impact possible. Therefore, we work on simple solutions that are easy to implement and easily scalable so that a bigger impact could be made. With our solution, we address not only the consequence of climate change but also the cause.

Veggie Mat

The Veggie Mat stabilizes settlement, so marine vegetation finds a place to grow on the ground.


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