We create sustainable solutions
with a multidisciplinary team

We combine hydraulic engineering, marine biology and industrial design to create our products.


Using nature as an inspiration, we change the environmental impact of marine infrastructure, from a negative to a positive.


Large scale impact to rewild the ocean to protect the people in the face of climate change

Core values

Large scale impact

Science based

Respect for nature

Our story

Due to climate change and sea level rise marine life is decreasing and coasts are flooding. Jaime, the founder of Reefy and our marine biologist Leon experienced these problems themselves and saw the impact on local communities. From this experience they decided to combine their knowledge in hydraulic engineering and marine biology to provide coastal protection in cooperation with nature.

Jaime Ascencio | Coastal Engineer

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Leon Haines | Marine Biologist

Leon studied Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Netherlands, Majoring in Marine Biology. As a passionate diver and scuba instructor Leon spent 5 years after his studies working in coral reef restoration in Thailand, the Maldives and Indonesia. In 2018 he founded Conservation Diver Indonesia, where he trained students and volunteers in all the ins and outs of coral reef conservation. Convinced of a way to create a larger impact by upscaling reef restoration through infrastructure projects, he joined Jaime to found Reefy.

Daan Houtzager | Coastal Engineer

Daan is a coastal engineer with a passion for engineering and waves. He graduated in 2020 from the TU Delft with his research on the stability of large armour units in breakwaters. Within Reefy Daan does research and development of the reef enhancing breakwater and he is active as project engineer. ‘I like the combination of nature enhancement and coastal protection, this is engineering for the future’

Cecile Kwa | Industrial Design

Cecile studied Industrial Design and is currently doing a master degree in Environmental Engineering at TU Delft. Climate change and biodiversity loss are topical problems that really concerns her. One of the things she finds most interesting is the combination of technology and nature to come to sustainable solutions. At Reefy, she combines her interests and passion for a better future.

Indy Vester | Product Developer

Indy is a product design engineer in the field of sustainable design, who likes tackling socially relevant issues. She conducted a sustainable material analysis during her master thesis at the TU Delft and worked as freelance graphic designer and consultant hereafter. As product developer at Reefy she will help expand Reefy’s material- and product portfolio. “Reefy’s products are so unique with their adaptation to any underwater environment and properties suitable to enhance marine life, and I’m excited to help execute their design challenges!”.

Bas Hofland

Associate Professor at TU Delft

Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther

Co-founder/Director at Blue21

Margaux Hein

PhD, Lead Consultant at MER Research and Consulting

(Pablo) Daniel Dacomba

Urban Water Engineer

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