Innovation for nature

Reefy works towards new kind of solutions that work together with nature instead of against.

Offshore innovations

For offshore innovations

The loss of biodiversity of marine life species is becoming a bigger and more obvious problem. As offshore wind farms can have a major impact on the surrounding natural environment, we can help to reduce this impact and help marine life to flourish again. Our products are designed from natural materials for easy installation and the results will be monitored.

Easy installation

Reefy wants to reduce impact in all possible ways. Therefore our product is designed in such a way that no big heavy moats and vessels are needed for installation. This not only reduces the impact on the environment, but it also is cost effective.

Restore marine ecosystems

Reefy makes use of certain called ‘umbrella species’ that kickstart new ecosystems by their capacity of for example learning water and attract other species. We work together with nature by using our products as the seeds that spark the initial marine ecosystem and we let nature do the rest of the work.

Monitoring impact

Reefy ensures to make impact. Therefore during the project, but also thereafter the impact is measured with advanced techniques so in the end we could present results, learn from experience and become even better in what we do.

Oyster bomb

The oysterbomb is designed to encourage biodiversity around wind turbines through easy and inexpensive installation.


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