Reefy combines ecology and engineering to restore marine ecosystems and protect the shoreline.


Combining ecology & engineering

Instead of working against nature Reefy uses the ability of nature to grow and adapt to improve engineering solutions.

Restoring marine ecosystems

Reefy restores local marine ecosystems by providing habitat and substrate for native marine life.

Protecting infrastructure

Reefy creates nature enhancing structures that  protect infrastructure by dissipating wave energy.


What we do best

Attenuates wave energy

Prevents sediment scouring

Reduces flooding

Facilitates water exchange

Boost marine biodiversity


Improves water quality

Retains sediments

The solution

The technical solution for nature

Reefy has developed the first modular artificial reef that is stable enough to dissipate hurricane force wave energy to protect the coast whilst providing the required substrate and habitat complexity to boost marine biodiversity. This patented innovation in coastal infrastructure is the REB: Reef Enhancing Breakwater.



They keep the structure stable against storm waves and provide a diversity of tunnels, caves, and shelter for important species of the ecosystem.

Hydrodynamically designed and tested 

Specific surface roughness and texture



Eco-blocks are placed between the ReefBlocks and  function as a customizable habitat which can be designed for key target species.

Configurable habitat for target species.

Modular and hydrodynamical design

Modules can be assembled in an unlimited array of configurations to form a stable artificial reef and provide the macro habitat complexity required by sheltering fish and invertebrate species.

A substrate for ecosystem engineers

Designed surface texture and porosity promotes the settlement of  reef-forming organisms, such as corals and oysters to create a living layer that can grow with sea level rise. 

The structure has three levels of ecological complexity: macro (the structure as a whole), micro (tunnels and caves), and surface texture. This can host all types of marine life.

The modularity allows the REB to be scalable to any site or project restrictions. By pre-seeding or planting reef building species on the surface we can achieve a stable and resilient living breakwater that can grow with sea-level rise, reducing expensive maintenance and upgrade costs.

The first stable artificial reef for coastal protection and nature conservation

Rewilding the ocean to protect the land.

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