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Dikes & rivers

Reefy offers solutions that work together with nature to protect dikes and sea walls from both waves coming from the sea as bow waves caused by shipping. This protects dikes and sea walls from erosion and allows marine life to flourish at the same time.

Resilient shoreline protection

Reefy can help protect important assets such as dikes and sea walls from wave attack and erosion by reducing wave energy. This results in lower maintenance costs of critical infrastructure and resilience in the face of rising sea levels. By working together with nature the barrier is self restoring which will lower maintenance cost.


The reef barrier is a complex habitat for migrating fish species to shelter and breed. The surface is designed to promote biological growth such as oysters, mussels, and kelp, becoming a food source for countless of species. Additionally, the tranquil waters between the structure and land allow for the regeneration of important wetland areas as nursery and feeding ground.

Good environmental impact

Reefy is committed to reducing carbon emissions in all stages of development. Together with our partners we can produce with sustainable and locally sourced materials that both reduce total project footprints and promote growth of marine life.

The problem

Why we need to act now

average rising of sea levels by 2050

flooding in river & coastal regions by 2050, without protective measures

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expects that rising sea levels and stronger winds will cause more and higher storm surges in the coming decades. Areas of increased attention are the river and coastal regions at risk from flooding.

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The solution

A resilient coastline in collaboration with nature

Without REB (reef enhancing breakwater)


More benefits

Your advantages at a glance

By implementing REB you restore nature and create living space for a wide variety of life forms which bring even more advantages.

Security and financial matters

  • prevents sediment scouring by allowing return flow through the structure –> sediment stabilization
  • reduced flooding by dissipate over 90% of wave energy resulting safety
  • reducing maintenance costs
  • installed without heavy duty equipment

The ecological benefits

  • CO2 reduction caused by restoring nature and marine vegetation
  • maintain water quality
  • boost marine biodiversity with custom habitat and promotes oyster growth

Real life example

Pilot project: The Rotterdam reef

Currently we are working on a pilot project in collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rijkswaterstaat, and Boskalis at the Rotterdam reef. We will test the Reef Enhancing Breakwater, to protect the shipping lane banks against large ship waves and stimulate the development of intertidal nature in the Maas/Rhine delta. The project is already ongoing with manufacturing and installation tests happening but the reef is expected to be installed underwater in January 2023.

Rewilding the ocean to protect the land.

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