For resorts and beach owners

Touristic beaches

As it stands, climate change is causing increasingly violent storms and rising sea levels. As a result, assets and beaches are being degraded. Reefy ensures that the coast is protected and at the same time marine life is restored.

Beach conservation

Reefy can ensure that the power of the waves is reduced by as much as 90% before reaching land. In this way, they will prevent erosion of the coastline.

Reef restoration

The design of our coastal protection is such that while it protects the coast it also creates a good shelter for fish and through micro complexity forms a good attachment site for corals. In this way we work together with nature to restore the reef.

Asset protection

The breaking of the waves will protect assets such as resorts from harsh wave action and flooding.

The problem

Why we need to act now

of coasts will have disappeared by 2100

*According to current predictions

loss of coral and 85% of oyster reefs

Due to climate change and lack of awareness, we have to face deep cuts in biodiversity.

Studies estimate nearly all reefs will be at risk by 2050 unless action is taken now to reduce the threats.

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The solution

Prevents erosion and boosts biodiversity

Without Reef enhancing Breakwater (REB)

With Reef enhancing Breakwater (REB)

More benefits

Your advantages at a glance

By implementing the REB you restore nature and create living space for a wide variety of life forms which bring even more advantages.

Security and financial matters

  • prevents the coast from flooding
  • protects against rising sea level
  • beach accretion and longterm asset protection
  • reducing maintenance costs
  • The ecological benefits

  • CO2 reduction caused by restoring nature and marine vegetation
  • increasing biodiversity and maintain water quality
  • contributing to increasing eco tourism
  • Real life example

    Beaches under threat in the Dominican Republic

    From our professional experience so far, we have seen many places where the effects of climate change and the resulting flooding and erosion are more than palpable. These communities rely on fishery and tourism for their economies. As natural barriers diminish, erosion causes beaches to disappear. Assets and infrastructure are vulnerable to the destruction caused by large waves.

    The Dominican Republic is just one example of the many beaches that already have to deal or will have to deal with these issues in the near future. Take the chance to protect your beaches and properties for the long term. With the REB we are able to help and create a safe habitat for people and marine animals
    - block by block, reef by reef.

    Rewilding the ocean to protect the land.

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