Innovation for nature

Reefy works towards new kind of solutions that work together with nature instead of against.

Dikes and rivers

For infrastructure projects

Reefy offers solutions that work together with nature to protect dikes and sea walls from both waves coming from the sea as bow waves caused by shipping. This protects dikes and sea walls from erosion and allows marine life to flourish at the same time.

Resilient shoreline protection

Reefy can help protect important assets such as dikes and sea walls from wave attack and erosion by reducing wave energy. This results in lower maintenance costs of critical infrastructure and resilience in the face of rising sea levels. By working together with nature the barrier is self restoring which will lower maintenance cost.



The reef barrier is a complex habitat for migrating fish species to shelter and breed. The surface is designed to promote biological growth such as oysters, mussels, and kelp, becoming a food source for countless of species. Additionally, the tranquil waters between the structure and land allow for the regeneration of important wetland areas as nursery and feeding ground.

Good environmental impact

Reefy is committed to reducing carbon emissions in all stages of development. Together with our partners we can produce with sustainable and locally sourced materials that both reduce total project footprints and promote growth of marine life.


Reef Enhancing Breakwater (REB)

The REB (Reef Enhancing Breakwater) protects shorelines from day 1 whilst boosting marine biodiversity in a unique and stable hybrid solution. The permeable design facilitates through flow to maintain water quality and fish migration.

Micro complexity

The rounded corners of the REB modules join to form crevices of different sizes between blocks. These inclined shelters are a perfect habitat for ecologically important invertebrate species and small fish to reproduce and take shelter. As every ecosystem is different we can further configure habitat for target species within our Eco-Block.

Macro complexity

The elongated shape of the REB modules allow for large overhang and cathedral environments as a shelter for larger species and schooling fish. Additionally the hydrodynamic tunnel system creates a labyrinth of shelter throughout the structure.


The eco-block is designed as an additional module to boost marine life. Due to its complexity it creates a habitat for breeding species, sheltering invertibles and juvenile fish.

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