Conserving beaches, preventing erosion
and reducing flood risk.

Reefy works towards new kind of solutions that work together with nature instead of against.

Touristic Beaches

For resorts and beach owners

As it stands, climate change is causing increasingly violent storms and rising sea levels. Asa a result, assets and beaches are being degraded. Reefy ensures that the coast is protected and at hte same time marine life is restored.


Reefy can ensure that the power of the waves is reduced by as much as 90% before reaching land. In this way, they will prevent erosion of the coastline.


The design of our coastal protection is such that while it protects the coast it also creates a good shelter for fish and through micro complexity forms a good attachment site for corals. In this way a natural reef can be created.


The breaking of the waves will protect assets such as resorts from harsh wave action and flooding.

Our applications

Touristic beaches

Dikes and rivers

Offshore innovations

Ecosystem restoration

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