Reef engineering for climate-proof infrastructure.

We combine engineering and biology to create resilient marine infrastructure for people and the environment

What we do

Groundbreaking innovation in reef and coastal protection

Reefy has developed the first modular artificial reef that is stable enough to dissipate wave energy to protect the coast whilst providing the required substrate and habitat complexity to boost marine biodiversity. This patented innovation in coastal infrastructure is the REB: Reef Enhancing Breakwater.

The problem

Why do coasts need protection?

The climate is changing, and its consequences pose progressively more and larger problems for societies. Among these challenges, more frequent and intense storms and rising sea levels are causing worldwide coastal erosion. The marine ecosystems of which reefs form the foundation are vital to mitigating the risks associated with climate change, such as biodiversity decline and food security.

These developments threaten not only marine life, but also vulnerable coastal communities and infrastructure . These communities rely on fisheries and tourism for their economies. As natural barriers diminish, erosion causes beaches to disappear. Assets and infrastructure are vulnerable to the destruction caused by large waves. Restoring reef systems is critical for coastal protection.

Why reefs are essential

Coral reefs are a vital necessity for our world

of global marine life support

Coral reefs cover only 0.01% of the ocean floor, but support over 25% of all marine life. The tranquil area behind this living breakwater allows for seagrass beds to develop.

wave energy dissipation

Coral and oyster reefs in warm and temperate climates are an effective barrier against the forces of the ocean; coral reefs dissipate up to 97% of the wave energy before it reaches the shoreline.


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Who we are


Jaime Ascencio

Coastal Engineer

Using nature as an inspiration, we strive towards changing the environmental impact of coastal infrastructure from a negative to a positive.

Leon Haines

Marine biologist

By restoring natural reef barriers we can keep communities safe in the face of sea level rise whilst maintaining the ecosystem services they rely on.

Rewilding the ocean to protect the land.

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